Global Mission: Emerging Growth Beyond

American Credit Team


SMG Capital is a privately held firm with real estate investment and advisory activities in the U.S. and international capital markets. Combining intellectual curiosity, deep market knowledge, and decades-long relationships, we identify and execute investment transactions where we have steadfast conviction on delivering superior returns for our investors.

Unlike other boutiques which limit themselves to specific countries or asset classes, we focus on opportunities for compelling real estate returns regardless of product type and geography. Our clear focus is on the top U.S. and international territories, where we have the firm belief that population dynamics, demographic shifts, trends in e-commerce, and the emerging economy will have a profound impact on how we use real estate in the future. We believe we are at the dawn of a major trend where innovation, growth, livelihoods and liveliness will take place in major urban centers, and we want to be part of that.

Though our analytical rigor and sophistication is on a par with the world’s finest investment houses, for us, it’s not just about the model, it’s about the "mission". Every transaction must fit into a theme where we perceive long-term value, be it in fixing a broken capital stack, transforming an asset into its highest and best use, or delivering our expertise to re-engineer aggressive strategies.

SMG Leadership 
Founded on ingenuity, SMG Capital takes an entrepreneur-friendly, long term approach to investing.
SMG Capital has no defined limits on size or structure, but generally targets direct equity/debt investments of $5 million to $100 million, as well as select smaller venture investments
Unique Insight
SMG Capital helps the individual investor expand geographies, recruit lucrative ideas, streamline operations, structure key strategic partnerships, and prepare for them for a high-level success
Multi-Stage Approach
SMG Capital is not limited by traditional deal structures or holding periods. We have the flexibility to be a long term partner who can support extended holding periods
Global Reach
SMG Capital is connected worldwide and is focused on partnering with highly credible investors on a global basis
Global Impact
Our investing objectives remain aggressive to serve the needs of the redevelopment of communities worldwide.
This is the SMG® Way.