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SMG Capital's capital-raising platform provides short-term financing (generally up to 24 months or less) to real estate investors used for the purchase and refurbishment/construction of real estate which the investors re-sell after refurbishment/construction is complete. 

  SMG Capital has recognized that residential real estate investors and developers can’t wait for the burdensome, rigid bank loan approval and funding processes for which the financing market for these properties is highly fragmented; the industry - often being served by small individual investors and those using self-directed IRAs to pool capital and fund these projects. Real estate investors often fund projects by pooling multiple private individual investors, making for a more difficult process.

  Real estate investors are frustrated with these inefficient and unreliable capital sources in the market and are unable to receive financing in a timely and efficient manner from typical lenders.

  The fragmented, inefficient, and non-institutional capital market for these loans, coupled with the current need in the US for new and re-developed housing stock (due to the fact that much of the US housing market is aging) served by these real estate investors/developers provides an opportunity for SMG Capital to provide the needed capital to borrowers and developers, by being able to originate, underwrite, and fund loans quickly, efficiently, and reliably. 


This is the SMG® Way.


Lending Facts

Minimum Loan: $100k

Maximum Loan: $5MM 



Types of Funding

Acquisition, Acquisition and Development,  Bridge Loan,  Condo Conversion, Construction Loan, Construction/Perm, Equity

Property Types

Single Family, 2-4 Units, Land/Lot Development, Condo, Rental

Investment Criteria

Typical investment criteria are as follows:

Full-Recourse Loan

First or Second Mortgages

LTC up to 90% or 90% of Purchase / 100% of Constrcution

Detailed Exit Strategy

Loan terms up to 1-year w/ extensions available


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